About Us

  • Want to live a healthier life?
  • Interested in improving your mental health and developing yourself?
  • Would you like to know more about the spiritual meanings and symbolism associated with different animals around the world?

Here is where you can find all the answers to these questions…and more!

Symbolism and Spirit Animals is a website designed to foster deeper and more meaningful relationships with animals. This website offers valuable information on connecting with them on a deeper level, whether they are in their spirit form or physical form. As well as educating and supporting individuals around the world, the site offers personal development resources.

Our Main Goal Behind Spirit Symbol and Healing

Our goal at Spirit Animals and Symbolism is to help people learn about the spiritual world. For anyone curious about power animals, symbolism, and intuition, we aim to make information easy to read and understand. Our mission is to help you connect with your spirit animal, and we have the tools to help you.

Having a team of specialized researchers who are experts in Spirit Animals and their associated symbolism is an asset to Spirit Animals and Symbolism. We have extensive experience studying the meanings and cultural significance of different Spirit Animals. As a result, they are trained to interpret the messages these creatures are trying to convey. 

No matter what your need may be, we can help. We can provide insight into the deeper meaning of your totem animal or verify the validity of your Spirit Animal Guide. We’re here to help you learn more about Spirit Animals and gain a deeper understanding of the wisdom of the animal kingdom.

If you would like to learn more about these powerful messengers, we would be glad to assist you!

Meet Our Team


Jonathan Marshall

Zoologist / Full-time Editor

Jonathan is the brain behind this project. He is a professional blogger and enthusiastic pet lover. He loves to share his experiences and learnings about animal totems and symbolism and their meanings with others.


Dr. Debbie Wilson

Vet / Author

Debbie lives in South Bend, Washington. She is an experienced veterinarian with a specialization in dermatology. She has been working on animals with endocrine skin diseases for almost a decade.


Murilo Costa Lima

Pet Groomer / Spiritual Writer

Murilo is a pet groomer, sports enthusiast, spiritual expert, and writer. He teaches and elevates people to the next spiritual level. He is fond of pets and teaches people how to care for them.


Delores Martinez

Animal breeder / Writer

Delores had spent years on her ancestor’s farm. As a child, she spent time playing with farm animals. And it was then that she decided to become an animal breeder. She has been in this profession since 2002.